About Us

Paper to cad- Autocad Conversion is our main focus. Manually redrawing scanned paper drawings to give exact cad conversions. As a licensed US Architect with 25 years of experience I know the accuracy and thoroughness you are looking for in your drawings.
It was only 15 years ago that computers and cad software became affordable and powerful enough to use for mainstream architects and engineers. That means there are a whole lot of paper drawings in the files. When you have to add on to that building you designed years ago, send your scans to us and we will give you a hassle free head start on your new design. We convert blueprints to cad, pdf to cad, pdf to dwg, tiff to dwg, jpg to dwg. Scan at 150 dpi or 200 dpi tiff or jpg files, and email the files to us.

If you need an accurate cad conversion you can' t get better than us.
Call to get started: (877)-706-8724 or email paper to cad conversion

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